Petastical Probiotic Powder for Dogs and Cats (30 Scoop)

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Petastical Probiotic for Dogs and Cats

EXTRA STRENGTH PROBIOTICS POWDER - Our POWERFUL PET SPECIFIC FORMULA suitable for dogs and cats of all ages and sizes contains a market leading 5 BILLION CFU's (Colony Forming Units) per scoop and 12 BENEFICIAL LIVE BACTERIAL STRAINS including the essential ACIDOPHILUS bacteria. Dog Probiotics and Feline Probiotics for Cats.

HELP YOUR PETS DIGESTIVE TRACT - Helps activate your pet's digestive and immune system by providing support for; Diarrhea, Constipation, Blood Pressure, Poor Immune System, Low Energy Levels, Bad Breath, Gas, Dull Coat, Hot Spots, Dry Skin, Itching, Poor Nutrient Absorption, Overweight, Underweight, Digestion, Coprophagia and many more.

SPRINKLES OVER FOOD - A probiotic powder for dogs and cats that is easy to consume. Containing 30 scoops of meaty flavour you won't have to worry about force feeding your pet large pills, simply sprinkle over wet or dry food, it's that easy!

HELP YOUR PET LIVE MORE HEALTHY DAYS - Replenishing the beneficial bacteria in your pets gut optimising digestion and immune health to help your pets feel their best every day

PETASTICAL QUALITY GUARANTEE - made in the USA , Petastical supplements are homegrown in a GMP certified facility which adhere to the strictest quality control and FDA guidelines. 100% Satisfaction Guarantee. If you're not happy we're not happy. If we can't make it right and you are not satisfied for any reason then we will gladly and promptly refund your purchase price on return of your product. We promise - For the Love of Pets the Petastical way!


Safety Information:

Consult with your veterinarian before using any new supplement product for animals. Keep out of reach of children and animals.


Proprietary Blend of Probiotics 5 Billion CFU : L. Acidophilus, E. Faecium, L. Rhamnosus, L. Plantarum, B. bifidum, B. Longum, B. Breve, L. Casei, B. Coagulans, B. Lactis, S. Thermophilus, L L. Fermentum


Inactive Ingredients : Liver Granulars, Chicken Flavor, Liver Flavor, Bacon Flavor


Sprinkle onto wet or dry food before meals. Dogs weighing upto 20 pounds use half a scoop daily. Dogs weighing 20-40 pounds, use 1 scoop daily. Dogs weighing 40-80 pounds, use 2 scoops daily. Dogs weighing over 80 pounds, use 3 scoops daily.

99 reviews for Petastical Probiotic Powder for Dogs and Cats (30 Scoop)

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Based on 99 reviews
  1. Amazon Customer

    Seeing a difference !
    I have an elderly cat with diarrhoea problems and was worried about him , he’s quite old so I thought I would give this a go. I’m already seeing changes in him after a couple of weeks , it takes a while for supplements to work , and they don’t work for everyone but I’m happy that it seems to be working , will definitely stick with it and reorder . Also like the fact that it’s a powder and sprinkles over his food easily

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  2. Amazon Customer

    My old dog suffers with his stomach and I thought I would try the probiotic , if it’s good enough for humans why not dogs? It’s worked a treat and it’s my second order , his coat looks better too! . Its a powder so it sprinkles easy onto his wet food easy and when I feed him biscuits I usually wet them first and sprinkle over .
    Will be buying again and nice communications from sellers too.

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  3. Amazon Customer

    I have been told the probiotic works well and my dog does have a dodgy bowel, first signs are promising and there are lots of strains in the ingredient list. The company followed up with a helpful PDF for the product.

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  4. doda2210

    Great product. Highly recommend

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  5. G. L. Fury

    My dog has a bad gut and I have read up a lot about the benefits of probiotics . I chose petastical as I have bought products from them before with excellent quality , delivered fast too.

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  6. BK

    Good product
    Good company

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  7. sandira123

    I try and feed my cat well so she doesn’t need to go to the vet but she wont eat Raw meat so i add this to her packet food to keep her digestion good. It seems to do the trick. her coat is good, eyes clear and she seems healthy.

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  8. Toots

    My dog was diagnosed with colitis and it’s been a challenge trying to find food that will actually suit his digestive needs.
    This product used, along with Pro-Fibre mixed in his food has been the answer to our prayers.
    No longer does he suffer with horrendous loose stools. He’s never suffered since from pain or discomfort since using these two additives in his food.
    I now have these two products on repeat orders from Amazon.
    Worth their weight in gold to my dog and I.

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  9. EL

    love this product for my dogs. Keeps my baby Great Dane regular and firm, so to speak. It has helped increase her appetite too.
    My Dogue De Bordeaux, it has helped her itchy skin and ears as well.
    Wouldn’t be without now I have found this so much help in their happiness and general well being. Thank you!

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  10. Amazon Customer

    Absolutely amazing transformed my dog

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  11. Amazon Customer

    Easy to use and I`m sure I can see a difference in out old dog Molly!

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  12. Amazon Customer

    I bought this before and works really well for my dog for his upset tummy and so thoroughly recommend! Great customer service too with nice product information leaflet sent via email , will certainly buy again .

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  13. Charlotte Barnes

    My cat had been back and forth to teh Vets for weeks – several thousand pounds later and no real change still runny tummy. I started her with half a scoop of the Probiotic and the result was almost instant (after 2/3 doses). I also used Slippery Elm alongside the probiotics and shes solid again – Result, recommended!

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  14. ravi bhaskaran

    did nothing to improve my springer’ sensitive tummy

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  15. Elizabeth Ferris

    This is a great product for my 2 pups. I sprinkle it on their food and they have no hesitation in eating it. I can switch brands with no real transition period thanks to this product. My boy used to have constant tummy issues but not any longer.

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  16. paula180467

    Amazing product !! Really helped with my dog’s anal gland problem.Smell completely gone & poo’s are solid. Would recommend this product .

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  17. Phyl

    My young dog had quite loose stools and made a lot of smells, I thought I would give it a try, she has been on it for 10 days and the smells have been reduced and stools have improved greatly,

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  18. Karen Cleary

    Didn’t work on my beagle

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  19. Caroline McCready

    Great product. This is my second tub. My dog (Shih Tzu) was born with a very delicate digestive system. Was constantly being sick. We were never away from the vets. Tried different foods etc but nothing worked, that is, until I began putting this product in her food. I noticed a difference within a few days. Since using this product I haven’t had to take her to see the vet – happy days.
    Highly recommend this product. Fast delivery too. Happy dog – happy me.

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  20. Garland16

    A must have product. First time using probiotics for hank and honey our shar pei and mastiff cross after taking time reading up on different brands we have chosen this one , and has not let us down , if you are a first time buyer for probiotics take the chance you will
    Not regret this .

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  21. citrineblue

    Raw boost. We add this to batches of raw to provide probiotics. They have done well with it.

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  22. Cristian Mirea

    Very effective product. Solved my kitten’s digestive problem.

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  23. Mrs T

    Good. Works well.

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  24. oscar500pamela

    yeast on dogs skin. early day but i can see it helping my dog i will keep her on it

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  25. M. J. Dinnage

    I’ve been giving the recommended measured dose of this Probiotic powder to my dogs for nearly a month now and there does seem to be an improvement with their digestive systems. Is it down to just this additive I can’t say for certain, but as both my dogs suffer with the Dog IBS anything that helps them gets a “thumbs up” from me.

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  26. morganale0

    Instant result, a necessity for your dogs as all the goodness is destroyed in the processing of dog food, there are no regulations, and no nutrients to protect their immune systems. They also need vitamins. Will buy again

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  27. Vernon

    It seems to work but how do I know I’m not taking it.

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  28. Cheryl kirby

    Didn’t dislike anythink, well worth the money, my akita has arthritis and has made a huge difference, highly recommended this probiotic. Can’t comment on the flavour but my dog seems to like it.

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  29. owlopv30

    After getting this, I started giving my dog this treatment EVERY DAY, at the same time for the last week and a half. I can say that I can already tell this is working. The smell of yeast coming from my dog is disappearing, and his ears aren’t looking as bad as well as the smell of the infection has subsided a lot. I will be purchasing another container for that, “Just in case” deal.

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  30. susan harman

    my dog doesnt know its there. it has proved really good, after 1 month

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  31. marie h

    I bought this as I thought it would help with overall health and tbh I’ve not noticed any improvements apart from her bowel movements have changed for the worse despite using a very small amount I guess it depends on various things but I won’t be purchasing again unfortunately.

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  32. marie h

    I bought this as I thought it would help with overall health and tbh I’ve not noticed any improvements apart from her bowel movements have changed for the worse despite using a very small amount I guess it depends on various things but I won’t be purchasing again unfortunately.

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  33. stefran40

    Fabulous product, really seen a change happen, thanks so much. Good price, always arrives fast. Will buy again.

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  34. matt-emzmathis

    Well its goin down well so im happy and my dogs are doing well, Excellent thank you

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  35. Mr T Machin

    Probiotics. Pets love it

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  36. hilarwrigh_0

    Our dog has been on this for a week and the difference in her behaviour and vitality energy & happiness is amazing ?? highly recommended

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  37. hilarwrigh_0

    Probiotics for dogs. Our dog has been on this for a week and the difference in her behaviour and vitality energy & happiness is amazing ?? highly recommended

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  38. N J Bristow

    Good for dogs overall health. Use for my dogs overall daily health. Dalmatians are known for their sensitive stomachs so I give it help In this direction. To date Petastical is working well.

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  39. Maria340704

    Just the job. My cat had really bad diahorrea within 2 days my cat was back to normal, great stuff saved me spending a fortune at vets

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  40. rosemary taylor

    Settles stomach. Good value, lasts ages

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  41. linda courtice

    Better than others I’ve used. I liked the fact that its powder and you don’t need to use much so easily hidden in food

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  42. Linda Rennie

    This product is great in the respect of keeping your dog healthy however it is very expensive.

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  43. zdencik1804

    I’ve tried a few probiotics there is and this one seems to be one of the best so far. It stinks a little but my dog likes it. Definitely will be buying more.

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  44. annekneale2012

    Good product. Seems to work quite well not used it for long but it’s looking good

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  45. annekneale2012

    Great product. Seems to work quite well not used it for long but it’s looking good

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  46. veggrowersandra

    Works well
    This product seems to work well for our Labrador. She often suffers with her anal glands leaking, but on this probiotic the problem has vastly reduced. Easy to use.

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  47. P. Shipley

    Order came before due date and the product was just what we needed for our dog his digestive system has improved quite dramatically

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  48. chestlee14

    Worked for our lab and it cleaned him out. He had runny poo for a couple of day’s as the product was working. He is gut healthy and plays like a puppy he feels so good. We all thank you very much for the product and fast delivery.

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  49. 2015.drzen

    great quality and fast shipping??

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  50. Amazon Customer

    Pets can’t taste it, I use it in all the meals to boost their guys seems to really help. I will continue to use. Very good customer service as I had a pot missing once, no problem they replied and replaced it super quick which means I’m very happy indeed. Well done 🙂

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  51. tulle_debbi

    I have read some reviews on this , so I’m hopeful it will definitely help my french bulldog, great service fast delivery.????

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  52. nickim8563

    orderd teatime arrived early afternoon next day fabulous…. used before hoping it helps my new doggie ??

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  53. Amazon Customer

    A brilliant product – I have used this before and tolerated really well by my dog. In particular, he previously has had an upset stomach and this has improved markedly.
    Also – excellent and reliable seller who really care about providing a valuable product. Upon ordering this product, I received a Petastical Probiotic Info Pack by the company, which is really useful. A lovely email that also encourages feedback and a personal approach that is often missing.
    I will definitely continue to use and would encourage others to do the same!

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  54. Amazon Customer

    If you love your dog then buy this- I’ve got an elderly Jack and a Lab pup and the before and after difference has been marked, particularly in my Jack. They both have taken to it with both dry and wet food, I’ll be a returning customer. Delivery was super quick too.

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  55. LouisePotter

    Fantastic product has helped my dog with yeast infection greatly

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  56. Jiffy

    We have an old Bearded Collie who has been struggling with loose stools. Add this powder to one meal a day and consistently now for over 4 weeks she has been fine, including no more accidents indoors. Worked really well and a much happier and healthier 15 year old pooch! ??

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  57. Jane bartlett

    Works well for my basset hounds, that always get tummy upsets. Helps keep their tummy so settled and their poo firm.

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  58. Helly


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  59. Purespirit7

    Seems to help my cats colitis. Arrived with seal broken and no scoop however! I wasn’t happy and sent pics but they claimed they could see scoop in photo…..err….NO…scoop NOT in picture…silicone bead bag! They said seal breaks when opened….hmm!
    Not happy with customer service.

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  60. Maggie

    Seems to suit my windy Labrador a treat. Will be buying more soon. lasts a good long time.

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  61. linda

    Absolutely brilliant, has cured my dog who had serious gas issues! He no longer lingers in a green fog. Worked in approximately 1 week will definitely buy again it was worth every penny

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  62. M A BRANCH

    Been using this for a few weeks and definitely helped my dogs guts!

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    My vet recommended using a probiotic for my dog who is suffering gastro issues , so I picked this product as it has a strong formula , I have been using it for 3 weeks and seeing improvements already , would recommend. Seller also sent useful information leaflet on the product while waiting for delivery , good customer service .

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  64. J. E. Pawson

    fingers crossed this helps my dogs tummy ,

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  65. Anne

    Really pleased! I wish I had found this earlier or even years ago with my previous GSD who seemed to have such a sensitive digestive system, I was forever boiling chicken & vegetables for him which didn’t help – nor did the vet, if I recall, at £40 a visit! When my current dog (a rescue GSD cross who had been a stray & lived off eating left over kebabs & scraps while he was stray) started having bouts of unpleasant poos (mucus etc) I thought ‘here we go again’ so I read reviews & tried this. It really helped, within a couple of days. It is clearly totally pallatible and I just mix it with his food. It’s a large tub and will last along time. *Upddate the tub lasted for ages and I have subsequently re ordered. It’s worth noting that the powder is entirely palatable – it doesn’t smell so I don’t know if it tastes of anything! – but mixed with his food, my dog doesn’t seem to notice.

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  66. Pat Davies

    Cats love it. Just put it on the food and it’s eaten.

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  67. lana

    Sounds a good product but hard to tell if it’s working. I like the fact that its gluten free!

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  68. Franziska Jones

    This made all the difference! We were worried our cat might have a serious health issue. But luckily the loose stools are gone…

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  69. Peter

    I purchased this for a cat with gastrointestinal problems. Once the powder is sprinkled on cat meat the cat will eat it which was my main concern as they can be fussy. I am not sure if has made much difference as it’s too early to see any effects but I will continue to use it. It is rather expensive for a pot but worth trying.

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  70. michael reddy

    Our dog had been suffering from a badly upset stomach for a few weeks and had been prescribed probiotics from the vet in the form of a paste which was very expensive. I found this product when looking for a cheaper alternative. It took a couple of weeks, but it has settled down well. We have just ordered a 2nd pot for our nearly 11 year old German Shepherd.

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  71. Christopher Hall

    We needed a product that right price and effective. This product was recommended by a professional and has delivered with impressive results.

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  72. Angela

    I got this based on the reviews. I have an old greyhound who is constantly wanting to eat grass. he is never sick and doesn’t go off his food but he is obviously uncomfortable at times.
    I started using this two weeks ago and although it states one scoop a day, I am using it at the moment twice a day. he is not crying to be out to eat grass, so a massive plus. His stools have always been ok so no change there but he seems to be more settled in himself. I am planning to go onto one scoop a day which is the recommendation.
    **** I have just checked the dosage and it is in lbs. I read it as kg. so he is actually on the recommend dose which is two scoops a day.. so I won’t be reducing it to 1 scoop. my mistake. sorry for any confusion. 🙂

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  73. Alex Pothiawala

    This helped out cats during a period of stomach upsets. Hard to say how effective it is. They didn’t mind the taste.

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  74. jabbipsusanne

    My pointer cross has had intestinal bacterial overgrowth since he was a puppy and is permanently on antibiotics and steroids. He is fussy about what is put in his food, he loves this product and has no problems taking it, no more runny poop, easy to administer I am very very happy with this product and so is my boy.

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  75. heatherb8240

    After reading the reviews for this product I thought why not give it a go to help my dog with his itching, true to form it has helped him a great deal. The probiotic powder has hardly any smell so is not off putting for the animals when put on to there food.

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    Have found this product to be brilliant, it has made such a difference with the cats mouth problems and also helped with overeating and scratching, also they all love the taste, so makes things a lot easier, thank you for a perfect product

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  77. Lady


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  78. E. Tomkins

    Arrived when expected and appears to be a good product

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  79. Cev

    Cat loved the smell and taste however I’m not sure if it did anything.

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  80. mrs barbara ann archer

    Good delivery good product

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  81. James

    Can’t recommend enough! We have a Sphynx cat who gets diarrhoea even after eating a biscuit crumb! She’s a nightmare! But a few days of this mixed in her wet food? No more diarrhoea! It’s a godsend… tried everything, including the clay based tubes – they are expensive and don’t work.
    As long as you disguise this in food it perfect! She’s so fussy but doesn’t notice it! Always have some in just in case. Well worth it!

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  82. Anya

    As described this powder has been brilliant for my kittens digestion,she had loose poop and this soon sorted it out. It came with a little mini Scoop which was buried in the powder.

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  83. Patricia Grieve

    Great supplement for cats health. Bought on a friends recomendation as they reguarded it to be a great supplement for their cats

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  84. Thomas Hawthorne

    Works well. Worked quickly for my pug

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  85. kazo

    Seems to do good for my cat. I have been desperately searching for something that can help my old cat that I have given shelter to now for a few years. He seems to have developed some kind on irritable bowel ..nothing seems to help. I have been buying mega expensive cat food from the vets and trying probiotic powder too and the cat food is a no no and the powders are really expensive. He was so so bad he was going to the toilet over 6 times a day and was really miserable. So I have stumbled upon a solution. This powder plus the cheapest cat food that is a basic in jelly like an equivalent to the dog food chappie. Since changing his diet and giving him the powders daily there has been a massive improvement in his bowel activities. I give half a scoop sprinkled on his food and all now is settling down. I’m keeping my fingers well and truely crossed. It is very good value for money.

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  86. mrspiri27

    This product is excellent and it really does work and my little mate loves it , i mix it with water and feed it to him orally with syringe.
    I have a 14 year old ‘ patterdale terrier ‘ and yes he does have some health issues , gut problems , bowel problems, I have been giving him this ‘ petasticle probiotic powder now for about two weeks and i can see alot of improvement in him, his appetite is back to normal and his overall health as improved greatly, my little mate takes me for a walk now. I have just orderd a bigger tub ( 120 scoop ) size tub , it gets ( 5 STARS ) from me all day and really does work , excellent for my dog , i give him a scoop mixed with water via a syringe and he loves it.